Bepi Tosolini Limoncello Wins Award

Bepi Tosolini Limoncello Falstaff Award

Bepi Tosolini Limoncello wins 90 Points “Outstanding” at The Falstaff Spirits Tasting 2021

Bepi Tosolini Limoncello has been awarded 90 Points “Outstanding” at the Falstaff Spirits Tasting Awards 2021.

Bepi Tosolini Limoncello is an authentic liqueur made with small batch infusion of Almalfi lemons, with an artisanal infusion and distillation of both green and yellow Amalfi lemon peels in their MOST grape spirit. The product has predominant and enveloping notes of ripe lemons, a full-bodied liquor with a sweet aroma and hints of Mediterranean citrus in the finish

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